Fun Facts About Horses You Probably Never Knew

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

You probably think you know everything there is to know about horses. But, if you check out our list of fun facts about horses, you will probably find out many new things about these majestic animals—so let’s get started.

Horses Can Sleep While Standing

Don’t get surprised if you see a horse standing on all four but not making any movements at all. This means they are asleep. Horses have stay apparatus, which allows them to lock their legs in place while being completely relaxed.

Horses Can Only Breathe Through Their Nose

This one might seem strange, but horses can’t breathe using their mouth. Unlike humans, their nasal passages are not connected to the mouth, so they can only breathe through their nose.

Horses Can’t Vomit

Horses are unable to vomit. This is due to strong muscles at the entrance of their stomach that prevents food from leaving it.

Horses Have a Great Peripheral Vision

It is considered that horses don’t have a particularly clear vision. But they make that up with a great peripheral vision that is above 340 degrees.

Australia Has Some of the Strongest and Toughest Horses

The horses in Australia are considered some of the toughest and strongest in the world. They were introduced to the continent by European settlers and had to endure harsh traveling conditions to get there. Only the most capable specimens survived the journey, resulting in a strong lineage.