Fun Facts About Reindeers You Probably Didn’t Know

Photo by 223 223 on Unsplash

Everybody knows that reindeer are Santa Claus’ loyal sidekicks who pull his sleigh and help him deliver gifts for children all over the world. But this isn’t the only thing that makes them fascinating animals, and these fun facts below prove it.

Reindeer Are Amazing Swimmers

Only Santa Claus’ reindeer can fly. But all other reindeer can swim, and they do it quite well. They are capable of swimming in fast and dangerous rivers with ease and swim faster than an average human.

Their Eye Color Changes Depending on the Season

Reindeer have changing eye color. In the summer, their eyes are golden. But when winter comes, their eye color turns into shade of blue to help them cope with a lack of light.

Their Fur Contains Hollow Hair

Considering they live in harsh and cold conditions, reindeer need all the warmth they can get. Luckily, their fur has a neat trick to help them capture it. On top of their thick undercoat is a layer of hollow and long hair, which traps air and provides added insulation for these majestic animals.

Reindeer Calves Are Able to Run Shortly After Being Born

Unlike most animal babies, reindeer calves are immediately ready for the world they are born into. Just a couple of hours from their birth, they are able to achieve a running speed of 50 mph and cover large distances.

They Have a Favorite Food

Reindeer eat all sorts of plants, but their biggest treat is lichen. They are a symbiosis of fungus and an alga and can grow on all surfaces, from bark and soil to rocks.