Man Rescues a Fish After Discovering an Abandoned Fish Tank in an Alley

Rescue stories about dogs and cats are quite common, and we are always happy to tell you about them. However, recently, we came across an unusual and heartwarming rescue story that involves a fish.

In a viral video shared by TikTok user @sharktherescuefish, one person detailed how they came across a fish tank someone left in the alley for garbage collectors to pick up. After taking a closer look, they noticed something was moving; there was still a fish inside.

The person decided to take the fish tank home and clean it so the fish could have a much better home. They also added gems, bought some food for the fish, and found it a perfect place in their house.

“He seems happy now… I’ll buy him some new things soon,” the rescuer shared in the video, which got more than eight million views while revealing that the fish is now called Shark.

Shark’s rescuer later also shared a number of follow-up videos that show the fish enjoying its new home and various upgrades it got for the aquarium, including a filter, some friends to hang out with, and live plants. Check them out below.