Great Dane’s Inability to Hide His Guilt Leaves Internet in Stitches

Some dogs will make a mess or do something they shouldn’t and then act like nothing happened. Others, however, aren’t able to hide their guilt as much as they try, and it always results in some funny moments, as a recent viral video shared by TikTok user @denvergameryt shows.

Apparently, @denvergameryt recently arrived home to discover that his three Great Dane dogs had made a mess in the house. He decided to put the canines through an interrogation process, and it is safe to say that one of them didn’t do well under pressure.

In the clip, which has had more than three million views since being posted in late January, the TikToker can be seen entering the living room and approaching each dog to try and figure out who the culprit is. Two dogs are unfazed by his interrogation, but the third one is sitting there with the most “guilty as charged” look on his face.

The clip left internet users in stitches while they tried to guess what the guilty dog was thinking in the comments section. 

“Just smile so I look innocent.. he’ll never know it’s me,” one user wrote.