Leo the Cat Has the Most Hilarious Way of Showing He’s Hungry

Cats are usually not subtle when it comes to asking for food. They will either harass you until you give it to them or simply take it themselves. And let’s be honest, their audacity is one of the reasons we like them so much.

However, there is one cat named Leo that prefers a bit more dramatic way of showing he’s hungry. In a viral video shared by Leo’s owner, the feline can be seen walking into the kitchen and acting like he’s fainted. At that point, we assume only some cat treats can “bring it back to life.”

“Whenever he is hungry, he walks to the kitchen and “faints,”” Leo’s owner explained in the video.

Leo’s owner seems to be quite entertained by his behavior and sometimes uses the opportunity to have some fun with it.

“I sometimes say “oh no! Call an ambulance!” And make an ambulance noise so he expects that too now,” Leo’s owner shared while responding to one of the comments.

Other TikTok users were also quite amused, while some shared that Leo isn’t the only feline that does this type of trick.

“My cat does that too, and then she starts yelling,” @mathersbruce1 commented.

So next time you see your cat suddenly dropping to the floor in a dramatic fashion, give it some food. Maybe they are just trying to tell you they are hungry.