Watch Daycare Pups Test Their “Athleticism” in This Amazing Video

Fella & Fetch pet daycare center in Saskatchewan, Canada, recently delighted the internet with a video that shows a group of pups testing their “athleticism.”

The staff at Fella & Fetch put tape across the doorway, looking to see whether the dogs were athletic enough to handle the obstacle. But watching the clip, which went viral and got almost three million views in a couple of weeks, it became clear that some dogs had a different view of what athleticism means.

While certain puppers easily jumped over the tape, others decided it wasn’t worth the effort when it is easier to sneak beneath it.

“We have way too much fun with these stinkers,” Fella & Fetch wrote in the caption of the video.


We have way too nuch fun with these stinkers 🥲🤎#dogdaycare #yqr #dogvideos

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Other TikTok users seemed quite entertained with the video, especially with the way different dog breeds approached the challenge. For example, no one was surprised that a corgi named Honey was so good at it. 

“The Corgi is a professional….it is in the blood. It was child’s play for him!,” @justin.mom8 concluded.

“that corgi did that his whole life hahaha,” @atoiletroll commented.

On the other hand, no one blamed Scout the husky for lack of effort.

“The husky is like “nah bro you ain’t making me do extra work,” @midnightarticuno wrote.