Guy and His Cat Has Been Traveling For Over 3 Years and Their Photos Say it All

Image by @vancatmeow / Instagram

Rich East has quit his job, sold his house and other things to travel around Australia with his best friend.

Together with his cat Willow, they have been travelling around the country since May 2015. They’ve been to different beaches, forests, deserts, and even took a boat out to the Great Barrier Reef!

This year, the duo has no intention of slowing down. They spent 3 months passing through the outskirts of the Simpson Desert before making their way back to the East Coast.

“It’s always a joy watching Willow explore the places we visit. She wears a tracking collar so that I always know where she is. We post our photos on Instagram and it’s so nice to hear from people all over the world that they are following our adventure,” he wrote on Bored Panda.

“I’m lucky. I get to see Australia through the eyes of a cat, and that I will treasure for a lifetime,” he added.

Their 2019 calendar is available on their website in which the proceeds will go to the Motor Neurone Disease (ALS) research.