Hairless Guinea Pigs That Look Like Tiny Hippos Will Melt Your Heart

Adorable images of super cute hairless guinea pigs are taking over the Internet and many people were surprised to see that the animal has no hair whatsoever.

Some even had a theory that these pets were shaved, which would be pretty brutal, right?

We know that guinea pigs are furry little animals, but this exact breed of guinea pigs are known as “Skinny Pigs”. They don’t grow hair at all, except for a few parts of the body like muzzles, feet, and legs that have fur.

This unique feature makes them so adorable and some people have said they look a lot like tiny hippos. They’re not wrong!

Take a look for yourself.

Scientists who were conducting dermatology studies in 1978, created the skinny pig by crossbreeding a hairless lab strain and a haired guinea pig. Now the animal is a popular pet in Europe and North America and despite the fact they look different from their haired cousins, the differences are actually minimal.

Skinnies are friendly and outgoing animals, a perfect pet for family with children.