Happy Dog Never Stops Smiling Even When She’s Been Homeless For More Than A year

Darby was picked up as a stray by DeKalb County Animal Services in Georgia last May. She has been patiently waiting for the right family to adopt her ever since.

Darby is one of the shelter’s longest-staying resident and to show her just how special she is, the staff members came up with an idea to take her out for an adventure-filled day.

They went to a pet store and a local bookstore, where Darby greeted every person she met. The smiling dog was also treated to a spa for a grooming session and lunch at a local restaurant.

“She greeted everyone she met with a happy tail wag and big ol’ smile,” Neely Conway, social media manager of the shelter, told The Dodo. “She loved riding in the car while poking her head out the window to feel the breeze. She woofed down a Philly cheesesteak and would flop down on the ground with her froggy legs any chance she could get.”

Conway said the Darby would do well in most homes. “She would make a great dog to take out on a restaurant patio or brother or sister to a human sibling,” Conway shared. “She’s so laid-back. She loves napping, cuddling and basking in the sun. She has had many different kennel mates and done well with dogs while in our care.”

“Darby is the perfect mix of calm and loving,” Conway added. “She’s independent, but loves melting into your lap when she sees you.”