Heartwarming Video Shows Swan Couple Being Reunited

Once a swan finds a partner, they remain loyal to them for the rest of their lives. Animal rescue organization DSPCA Animal Rescue & Adoption recently shared a heartwarming video that shows just how strong the connection between a swan couple can be.

In the video, a DSPCA staffer can be seen carrying a female swan to a local lake with a goal to reunite her with her partner. The swan previously spent a week in the shelter while recovering from an injury.

As soon as the female swan sees her partner, she begins squawking. Her partner immediately starts making his way towards her through the frozen lake. After they are reunited, the couple exchanges warm greetings before swimming away together.

In a later chat with The Dodo, rescuer Shane Lawlor shared more details about the swan couple. The female swan was brought to a shelter after getting very sick. The veterinarians did their best to nurse her back to health but had to work quickly because her partner was already suffering in her absence.

“Members of the public and ourselves continued to check on the male swan each day to make sure he was OK,” Lawlor told The Dodo. “Apparently, he hadn’t been eating too well, either, since she was removed, so it was very important to get her back.”

Luckily, the female swan had a quick recovery, leading to a quick reunion that erased all the bad memories about the times they were not together.