Watch a Dog Fake an Injury So He Wouldn’t Have to Walk Anymore

Most dogs live for the moments when they can just walk around and explore the world. However, one Labrador named Bruce doesn’t seem to be one of them, and he even devised a smart tactic to avoid having to walk with his owner.

Bruce’s owner, Amy Nicholson, recently posted an amusing video on TikTok that shows the dog faking an injury so he could avoid walking further.

In the clip, Bruce can be seen walking reluctantly to Nicholson before deciding he had enough. The pupper then simply raises his paw and makes it look like it was broken. After seeing his owner isn’t buying it, he ends his act.

“You don’t fool me Bruce! Does anyone elses dog do this?” wrote in the caption of a video that got 5.6 million views since being shared earlier in April.

As it turns out, Bruce isn’t the only dog who tries to get away from certain activities by faking an injury.

“My dog does this. sometimes he forgets what paw hurts and switches between them,” one TikToker shared in the comments section.

“My pug didn’t want to go for walks so faked a limp, £100 later at the vets and they told me he was FAKING IT,” another added.