Heidi Wrangles Cats is Rescuing Stray Kittens All Around New York

Heidi Systo used to run into cats everywhere she went, and she decided to help them lead a better life. She founded her own cat adoption agency Heidi Wrangles Cats, in the hope she’ll help kittens in her tiny Brooklyn neighborhood find warm and welcoming homes.

Systo liked cats for as long as she can remember, but she didn’t always consider herself a cat person because her childhood cats seemed to be terrified of her. That changed after she adopted a pair of kittens with her college roommate and later linked up with a local rescue group North Brooklyn Cats while trying to help a lost kitty.

She started fostering for them and later decided to start her own rescue Heidi Wrangles Cats, based in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. She’s using her platform on Instagram and TikTok to promote cat adoption and spread awareness about rescuing and socializing feral kittens.

Systo built a huge social media following after sharing her story with the world, and she’s fully dedicated to giving kittens born on the street a second chance at life.

“The most rewarding thing is knowing that there are hundreds of cats sitting comfy and cozy, warm, and with full bellies, curled up on a couch right now, that would otherwise be still on the street, or no longer with us at all,” she told Lemonade.