Hilarious Video Shows Dog Running Away From Baby Pigs

It is hard to imagine anyone not liking baby pigs. They are energetic, chubby, and endearing, making you want to cuddle them all the time. However, it appears that their charm doesn’t work on everyone.

Instagram user KK Pinkowski recently shared a video that shows her dog Norma having a hilarious reaction when facing a group of baby pigs.

The video starts with Norma standing at the door, getting ready to walk out. 

“This is what you’ve been training for. Okay. You ready? You ready? Go, go, go!,” Norma’s owner can be heard telling the dog.

As soon as the door opens, Norma gets in a full sprint but immediately stops when she sees three baby pigs at the doorstep. The pupper manages to get a few barks out of her before running away in the opposite direction.

As it turns out, Norma isn’t the biggest fan of baby pigs, or any other pigs for that matter.

“Norma’s non-negotiable is baby pigs. Or pigs of any age really,” her owner explains the Norma’s reaction in the caption of the video. “She won’t go near them, she isn’t interested in playing with them, and she for sure isn’t going to corral them back to their pen. Full stop, Norma says no to pigs.”

Check out this hilarious video below.