Dog “Adopts” Baby Goat Rejected by His Mom

Social media users have had their hearts melted by a recent viral TikTok video that tells a story about a dog adopting a baby goat rejected by his mother.

The clip, posted by @bristolloveslucy, shows a Great Pyrenees named Bristol sharing a loving moment with a baby goat. The dog showers the baby goat with affection, giving him sniffs, cuddles, and licks.

In the text inserted in the video, the TikToker explains that momma goat “wants nothing to do” with baby goat.

Luckily, Bristol won’t allow the baby goat to grow up without feeling loved.

“As far as keeping an eye on him when I am not around… I have an idea for a good helper… Bristol has been a foster mom before, and she is ready to step in when I’m not around. Good Girl,” the text continues.

The video received 1.5 million views since being posted in late February. Other TikTok users were amazed by how Bristol accepted the baby goat and stepped in to provide care that his mother didn’t want to give him. Some also joked that spending time with Bristol will cause the baby goat to think he is a puppy.

@bristolloveslucy later shared several other videos showing more moments between Bristol and the baby goat, and they are just as cute.