Houston’s Cockrell Butterfly Center is Home to Hundreds of Exotic Butterflies

Image via cockrellbutterflycenter/Instagram

If you’re a huge butterfly lover exploring Houston, Texas, there’s one place you shouldn’t miss for the world. Cockrell Butterfly Center is one of the city’s top attractions with animal lovers, and it’s home to hundreds of butterflies, safely tucked away in a rainforest habitat.

The Cockrell Butterfly Center is located in the heart of the Houston Museum of Natural Science. It’s the best place in Texas to explore the fascinating world of insects, and you’ll be introduced to many amazing butterfly species during your visit.

This butterfly center is home to hundreds of these fascinating creatures, and you’ll probably run into around 50 different species during your visit. This living exhibit is set inside the heart of a naturalistic rainforest setting, and you’ll get to see butterflies fly around, hover over flowers, and even land on the visitors, if they’re lucky enough!

To make the whole thing even more amazing, the Cockrell Butterfly Center isn’t the only insect-related exhibit that the Houston Museum of Natural Science has in store. You should also take some time to explore the Brown Hall of Entomology, which will take you on a captivating journey in the world of bugs, inviting you to witness the beauty and complexity of these creatures up close.