Indian Couple Buys Land Close to Tiger Reserve to Expand the Big Cat’s Habitat

Back in 1998, Indian photographer Aditya Singh and his wife Poonam Singh decided to leave their home in the country’s capital New Delhi and settle in a remote part of state Rajasthan. The couple wanted to be closer to Ranthambore Tiger Reserve and give their contribution to the preservation of these majestic animals. One of the ways they managed to do so was by expanding the tiger’s habitat.

When they arrived in Rajasthan, Aditya and Poonam noticed that many farmers living close to the reserve are looking to sell their land, fearing that tigers might hurt their stock. The couple used the opportunity and started buying the properties that bordered with the reserve with just one intention; to give it back to the tigers.

Over time, the Singhs bought over 40 acres of land and left it to nature.

“I just bought this and did nothing to it except removing the invasive species. We allowed the land to recover, and now, after 20 years it has become a lush green patch of forest which is frequently visited by all kind of animals, including tigers, leopards, and wild boars, throughout the year,” Aditya said in a recent interview.

Thanks to Aditya and Poonam’s efforts, the tigers have more space to roam, which made them less prone to causing damage to neighboring farms.  Singhs, however, are not done with their project, as they want to buy more land while also inspiring others to do the same.

Learn more about their story in the video below.