Largest Male Funnel-Web Spider Finds a Home at Australian Reptile Park

Australian Reptile Park recently welcomed the largest male funnel-web spider ever handed to them by a member of the public. Nicknamed “Hercules,” the spider measures 3.1 inches and will serve an important role in the park’s venom program.

According to Australian Reptile Park, the spider was found on Australia’s Central Coast and captured by a local. Hercules was brought to the drop-off location before making his way to the park.

Once examined by the park’s staff, it was determined that the spider is much larger compared to the average male funnel-web spider.

Australian funnel-web spider is considered among the deadliest spider species in the world. The females are usually much larger than males, but the males are the ones who have more lethal venom. They also have strong fangs that can pierce through fingernails and soft shoes.

Hercules will now play a role in saving lives because his venom will be used to create anti-venom.

“We’re used to having pretty big funnel-web spiders donated to the park, however, receiving a male funnel-web this big is like hitting the jackpot,” said Emma Teni, a spider keeper at Australian Reptile Park. “Whilst female funnel-web spiders are venomous, males have proven to be more lethal.”