Little Girl and Her Sheep Love Spending Time Together

For Nilia, a little girl from Norway, her pet sheep is the coolest and most charming sheep on Earth. Odlaug is a totally unique pet who lives a wonderful life.

“Odlaug and Nilia would spend every minute of the day together if they could,” Nilia’s mom shared with The Dodo. “They wake up early every morning and the first thing that Nilia does is run to Odlaug to feed her breakfast.”

Before going to school, the adorable duo helps out with chores, which they both love to do.

“Because she can’t go to school with her, they’ve made a deal. Odlaug gets to walk her down the road,” she added. “Odlaug doesn’t really do much while she’s away. She mostly mopes around waiting for her to come back. But as soon as she gets home, she gets so excited again.”

Odlaug and Nilia love going for long walks together and sometimes they have a little picnic out in the field.

“They just play outside for hours. And then Nilia comes up with an obstacle course for her. And then it’s time to go to bed. But not without a bedtime story first.”

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