Man Shows How He Grows Grass for His Guinea Pigs without Using Dirt

TikTok user Cid Dwyer is a proud owner of 80 guinea pigs who always wants to keep them happy and content. This is why he puts a lot of effort into preparing them the best meal possible.

Dwyer recently shared a clip that shows how he grows grass for his guinea pigs without using dirt. The process starts with Dwyer placing seeds into a plastic container and then covering them with water and adding a splash of apple cider vinegar. The vinegar helps prevent mold from growing.

Once the seeds have been soaked enough, he transfers them to a plastic tray and washes them off. The seeds quickly start sprouting, and beautifully green grass begins to show up. He makes sure to water it twice a day so it can continue growing.

After 10 days, the grass is ready to be fed to the guinea pigs.

“Growing grass like this is good because it means that the guinea pigs can eat the grass as well as the roots,” Dwyer says in the video.

What follows is a feast for guinea pigs, who leave nothing behind. Check out the video below and get inspired to prepare a similar meal for your pet. 


This is how I grow grass without using any dirt

♬ original sound – Cid Dwyer