Meet Butterball and Kimmy, The Adorable Duck and Cat Duo

Butterball the duck and Kimmy the cat have a very unique friendship; one day they fell in love with each other and since then they have been best buddies.

“It was just a onetime thing, and then it just kept going,” their owner shared on The Dodo. “Butterball is the big sister and Kimmy is the little sister.”

The duo loves playing together, although, Kimmy is sometimes a little bit rough with Butterball.

“Butterball would like for Kimmy to stay with her all day long,” she added. “Butterball wants to play. And then Butterball doesn’t even want it to end. You’ll see Kimmy nipping at her and think that that’s mean. I think that is actually what Butterball wants. She’s clearly asking her, you know, keep it up! I don’t worry about Butterball. She can hold her own!”

You can follow Butterball and Kimmy’s adventures on Instagram.

Scroll down and take a look at their adorable friendship below.