Meet Milkshake, a Rare Pink Pug

Milkshake is a 17-months old pug who acts just like any other dog. He jumps, runs around, destroys some furniture, and likes to cuddle. What sets Milkshake apart from most other dogs, however, is the color of his body.

Milkshake has pink fur, paws, and nose, which is a pretty rare occurrence in the dog world. It’s estimated that there are less than 100 pugs with similar traits in the whole world.

Pugs traditionally have silver, apricot, fawn, or black fur, but Milkshake was born with a lack of skin pigmentation which resulted in his body looking like its entirely pink.

Thanks to his unusual color, and his blue eyes, Milkshake attracts attention wherever he goes. He is also a big hit on social media, where his owner Maria regularly shares his photos and videos. Check out more of them below.