Meet Pugdashians, Adorable and Stylish Pug Trio

Image by pugdashians/ Instagram

If the dog world had their own version of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Sissy, Tilly, and Natty would probably be the show’s main stars. This adorable pug trio, otherwise known as Pugdashians, is stylish and loves the camera just like the Kardashians, but unlike them, pugs create a lot less drama.

Based in Portland, Maine, Sissy, Tilly, and Natty are therapy dogs who visit detention centers, hospice patients and nursing homes alongside their human mommy and try to help people with their calming presence.

When they are not helping others, Pugdashians love to go on journeys and visit all sorts of different pug events. They also host a monthly pug gathering party in their human’s backyard, which can often turn in a wild party.

Since Sissy, Tilly, and Natty live such an exciting life, their mom decided to create an Instagram account where she often shares their everyday adventures. As you would expect, such cool pugs quickly gained a huge following and are now among the most popular dog celebrities on social media.

Find out why people love Pugdashians in the photos below.