Mugshot of a Police Dog Goes Viral After He’s Accused of Stealing Officer’s Lunch

Having a co-worker steal your lunch is one of those office nightmares we all face from time to time, including one police officer from Michigan. A police K-9 named Officer Ice was accused of stealing his lunch, but people were quick to jump to the pup’s defense after his mugshot went viral.

Officer Ice serves as the police dog at the Wyandotte Police Department (WPD) in Wyandotte, Michigan, and he suddenly found himself in the spotlight after his fellow officers shared his mugshot on Facebook, which attracted thousands of shares, likes, and comments.

Officer Ice is generally a good dog, despite being hit with accusations of taking food right from coworkers’ hands as they walk by, but he finally crossed the line one night when his fellow Officer Barwig was called into the WPD jail for assistance.

According to WPD’s Facebook post, “Barwig’s entire lunch was gone….disappeared, vanished” by the time he returned, while Officer Ice was “leisurely strolling out of the room licking his chops.” This was proof enough for WPD to accuse him of stealing, but his legion of fans didn’t feel the same way.

WPD was forced to drop all charges against Officer Ice after his mugshot went viral since many people felt he couldn’t have possibly committed such a heinous crime. His local supporters even dropped off some custom sandwiches for Ice so he doesn’t have to steal from his co-workers again.