Park Rangers Rushed to Help Six Baby Elephants Stuck In A Row

Recently, six baby elephants fell in the mud pond and got stuck all together in a row. When a group of park rangers in Thap Lan National Park in Thailand became aware of it, they immediately rushed out to the site to check the situation.

The park rangers saw the parent elephants nearby and seemed to be waiting for their babies to climb out of the pit and join them before moving on. The rangers immediately knew that they have to help the baby elephants to reunite them with their family.

However, the team didn’t have the equipment to help the baby elephants right away and so someone kept watch on them overnight until the necessary tools could be brought over the next day. Ultimately, the rangers were able to start digging like a ramp into the mud pit so that the baby elephants would be able to climb out safely. Slowly, the babies made their way out of the mud pit and they seemed to be perfectly fine after their suffering.

If the Rangers hadn’t helped them get out, there’s a possibility they wouldn’t survive. Fortunately, they have safely reunited with their family thanks to the park rangers.