Photographer Takes Pictures of Forgotten Buildings Overtaken by Nature

Image via scrap_brain/Instagram

Photographer Johnny Joo looks for abandoned buildings that have been overtaken by nature. So far, he has recorded numerous buildings, including malls, schools, cottages, etc.

He shares his work on his blog called Architectural Afterlife where he explains why he is drawn to old buildings: “Upon entrance through the tall, white, wooden swinging doors I was instantly brought to the realization that this was someone’s past; the history of lives we never even knew, but for some reason I found to be so interesting. People were here once, living and working and now they are gone while the collapsing ruins remain a place that is looked past by so many. We walked through the falling foundation, across tilted floors which had been shifted by the Earth, examining this space that had once been full of life. This moment felt so peaceful. From that day on, whenever I would see a decayed structure that had been left to fall, I would find a way to explore it. Shortly after in 2009 I had learned this was actually known as urban exploration and became hooked on learning the history of the places I would explore.”

You can also follow Johnny on social media to see more content. For now, check out the photos we’ve picked for you from his portfolio.