Russian Artist Creates Adorable Felted Cats

Elizabeth Delektorskaya is a talented Russian artist who specializes in creating adorable cat miniatures out of wool. Delektorskaya felted works recently gained a lot of attention on social media thanks to the stunning level of details and unique style.

Instead of just recreating real-life cats, Delektorskaya decided to incorporate some of the traits that you see in cartoons and illustrations. Her creations have large eyes, pointed ears, and can often be seen in human-like poses or carrying some accessories.

According to Delektorskaya, she uses real wool for her works, and it can take her up to seven hours for one piece. 

“I really like cats and, once I tried the dry felting technique, I really liked it and I couldn’t stop,” she told Bored Panda in a recent chat.

Check out more of her works below.