See Balloon Birds in Their Natural Habitat

Creating flowers, hats, and other shapes from balloons is so much fun and it’s something we’ve all done when we were children. Artist Terry Cook managed to keep the child in him and took the balloon art to a whole new level.

Cook has created an entire flock of birds based on real British and European species including herons, blue tits, mallards and other. The artist is using balloons of different colors and shapes in order to make a perfect lifelike model of the bird. The project is complete once he takes a photo of each animal in its natural setting.

“I am obsessed with birds and have been since I was a child. Each sculpture takes a couple of hours to make and then more time on top of that to photograph them in a fitting location“, the artist wrote on his website.

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Cook’s background in sculpting, painting, and robot-making is obviously very helpful in his creative process. Take a look at his creations and see if you can identify the birds.