Street Cat in Italy Greets Woman With “Buongiorno”

Cats never stop to amaze us in the most unexpected ways possible. For example, one street cat in Italy seemed to have mastered the Italian language and is now greeting passersby who approach it with “Buongiorno” (eng. good day).

The Italian-speaking cat named Paulo is a new internet star thanks to a viral clip posted last year by TikTok user @francescandloves. The video, which resurfaced again recently, shows a woman approaching Paulo, who is drinking water from an improvised cup, and telling him “Buongiorno.” The feline lifts his head and meows “Buongiorno” in response.

The woman is quite impressed with Paulo’s Italian and tries to get him to “say” a few more words, but the cat doesn’t seem in the mood for that and instead just begins his stretching routine.

The clip has been shared all across social media in recent months, while the original video received 9.2 million views since being uploaded in 2023. It baffled the internet users who didn’t hide their astonishment.

“Did that cat just speak Italien?” one puzzled user wrote in the comments section.

@francescandloves later uploaded another clip in which she’s seen playing with Paulo. Check it out below.