Street Performer and His Cute Dog Entertain Passersby In Brazil

Street artist Yorge Luís Ruiz moved to Brazil in search of a better life. He settled in Fortaleza and started performing his living statue routine to entertain passersby in the city’s iconic Ferreira square.

There are many street performers in the area but he stands out amongst the crowd thanks to his cute partner, a dog named Jaspe. The little pup accompanies Ruiz whenever he goes to work and Jaspe assists him in his routine by standing still as long as she can.

The adorable duo has been drawing attention around the city for years, but they recently received global recognition when a Twitter video of their performance went viral, getting over 2 million views.

The viral video shows a frozen Ruiz in a bronze costume, kissing his dog who is also motionless. Today, the pair gained almost 90k followers on Instagram and Ruiz can’t help but feel grateful to all his supporters who have been following their artistic journey.

“First of all I thank God for one more day, secondly, to the Brazilian people for all the support and love they gave me, we love you all,” he wrote in one of his post.