The Smile of This 18-Year-Old Dog Will Brighten Up Your Day

Poe is an 18-year-old rescue dog who likes to smile a lot! When her mom saw a picture of her, she immediately fell in love.

“Poe has this incredible gift of smiling. I’ll be driving her in the car and I’ll turn around and I’ll see this incredible huge smile on her face. She’s just so happy and so at peace at life. And the way she gazes at me is like nothing I’ve ever seen from a dog before,” Poe’s mom told The Dodo.

At first, Grandma Poe, which is her nickname, was really bad at interacting like a normal dog, however, her adopted brother Finn and sister Penny taught her to how to play with toys.

“Poe definitely knows how to be a dog now. Finn and Penny keep her so young. Rescue a senior dog. It’s probably the most fulfilling thing that I’ve done in my adult life. I know for certain Poe is grateful that we brought her home. Poe is an absolute miracle dog,” she added.

We really enjoyed browsing through their Instagram page and we believe that you will enjoy it, too.

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