This Adorable Puppy Looks Just Like Baby Yoda

Mork is an adorable dog with unique looks. However, despite his cuteness, he has had a really tough life. Fortunately, he was saved from the meat trade in China by Slaughterhouse Survivors and brought to the U.S. by Road Dogs & Rescue.

He was in such a poor condition that he had to be hospitalized, and he nearly died. Thankfully, he survived and now he has a home and a loving family. He was adopted by the founder of Road Dogs & Rescue Nikki Carvey. Thanks to his resemblance to baby Yoda, the canine quickly became an Internet sensation, and now has more than 135,000 Instagram followers.

“He is sweet and friendly but still learning about love. His favorite thing is to just sit in the sunshine,” his mom told Bored Panda. “The whole Baby Yoda comparison is fun, and he brings a lot of joy. I feel his story touches people’s hearts and we’ve had some beautiful messages from individuals who are struggling, who say that he makes them smile and inspires them.”

Scroll down and check out Mork’s adventures below.

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Portrait of a Morkalorian 😂❤️👽 #chubbychibbychops

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