This Cow Sanctuary is The First of its Kind in Romania

Nima Sanctuary is a safe haven for farm animals and is the first and only sanctuary of its kind in Romania. It’s located in Brăduleţ commune, Arges County, a village where the primary occupation of the inhabitants is raising farm animals. The small village, situated at the foothills of a mountain, is on the transhumance route to the alpine pastures.

The sanctuary consists of several private properties where animals live in a small private household in the best conditions. They rescued cows from factory farms and take good care of them, letting them live a happy life. They are dedicated to the Nima cows, saved along with other cows from a dairy farm in the process of closure.

Nima has successfully operated and rescued many cows from the slaughterhouse. They inspired hundreds of people from the country and abroad, who helped to make possible the first rescue action of this kind in Romania.

The sanctuary is currently expanding and they are in need of more pasture for their growing numbers of rescued cows and steers. You can help them in their mission by giving donations thru their website.