This Group is Dedicated to Educating Us About Bats

Bats Qld (Flying Foxes & Microbats) Inc. is a self-funded volunteer group dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating bats across South East Queensland, Australia. The non-profit organization is also committed to educating the public on the significance of bats in our ecosystem along with dismissing the myths that have always surrounded these incredible mammals.

According to Bats Qld, “Bats are classified into two major groups: Flying Foxes and Microbats.”

Flying foxes are needed in almost all hardwood species for pollination. It has been estimated that a single Flying Fox can disperse up to 3000 seeds a night.

As for Microbats, these little mammals can eat about a third of its body weight in insects every night. They are ravenous predators of mosquitoes! So if you want to protect your house from insects, you might want to consider putting up a bat box in your garden.

Unfortunately, due to increasing urbanization in our communities, bats are alarmingly decreasing in numbers. Man-made hazards like barbed wires, power lines, domestic animals, and roads are greatly affecting these animals.

That’s why the organization is working diligently on habitat conservation projects and the rescue and rehabilitation of injured and orphaned bats up until they are released back into the wilderness.