This Guy Sets Up A Camera To See Who Is Damaging His Vegetable Garden And Gets Shocked

When Mr. Permar noticed damage in his garden he decided to install a camera with a sensor and after receiving his first notification, he was shocked. A big old groundhog popped right up in the camera and started eating.

“Smacks his lips and just stares into the camera. He’s like, ’I’m eating your garden. What are you gonna do about it?’,” Mr. Permar told The Dodo and added that in the beginning he was really upset, however, it didn’t take long before the mammal found its way to his heart.

“He always parked in the same spot and always just stared right at the camera. We don’t know if he just loves his reflection or what. His favorite stuff are carrots and tomatoes. The messier the food, the better. We coexist. This is his land too,” he said.

Currently, Mr. Permar’s garden has two furry visitors, Chunk The Groundhog and his girlfriend, Nibbles. You can follow their munching on Instagram where they have gathered over 84,000 followers.