This is What a “Skunked Beer” Looks Like

Recently, a skunk in Billerica, Massachusetts, was out looking for food but ended up stuck somewhere.

When the little creature saw a beer can, he became curious about the smell, so he stuck his nose inside and got his entire head stuck in the process.

No one knows how long he’s been stuck in the metal can but fortunately, people found the little skunk in time before he got too weak from not being able to eat.

The staff at Tufts Wildlife Center in North Grafton, had to sedate the skunk to remove the can and took care of the animal before returning him to the wild. This cute creature was lucky to be rescued because there are animals who gtt trapped in garbage that were not saved. Litter cans can be fatal for animals who put their heads inside while looking for food.

So when recycling, make sure to put the lid on all containers, wash jars out so there are no food smells and smash flexible containers so no wildlife can get their head stuck inside.