TikTok is Amused With Dog Sitter’s Attempts to Guess Dog’s Release Word for Food

Dog owners use various “release words” to prompt their pets to take some action. They can be used to tell dog to come over, sit, stay, or eat their food. Once canines get trained to react on release words, they can be quite committed to them as one TikToker recently learned.

TikTok user @marzyells shared a video that documented her experience of serving as a dog sitter for her best friend’s dog. It shows @marzyells wanting to give the dog some food before realizing that the pupper won’t eat without being told the release word.

At that point, @marzyells attempts to guess the word, trying with “okay,” “yes,” “food,” and “good boy.” But neither proves to be correct, and the dog just keeps staring at her, waiting for her to say the right word.

Finally, @marzyells makes a correct guess with “go,” and the dog immediately dives into his food bowl.

The video ended up spreading quickly on social media, and TikTok users found it quite amusing. Some even suggested that “go” wasn’t the bright word and that the dog just wanted to make it easier for both.

“it wasn’t go, he just decided u were out of your depth lol,” one TikToker wrote in the comments section.

“I feel like it wasn’t “go” he was like “we could be here all day…might as well “!” another added.