Italian Island Launches “Adopt a Goat” Program to Deal With Increasing Wild Goat Population

Photo by BAILEY MAHON on Unsplash

The Italian island of Alicudi has recently encountered an unusual problem. Its wild goat population has been on the rise, and they are threatening to completely take over. This prompted the island’s mayor, Riccardo Gullo, to launch an interesting “Adopt a Goat” program.

Alicudi has an area of three square miles with 100 people living there. The number of goats, on the other hand, is six times larger than the human population. The goats are now posing a threat to the island’s vegetation while also destroying gardens and entering people’s houses.

In an effort to find a peaceful solution to the problem, Gullo decided to offer the goats for adoption. Anyone who wants to own a goat, farmers, and individuals, can claim one.

“We absolutely do not want to even consider culling the animals, so we are encouraging the idea of giving them away,” said Gullo via Guardian. “Anyone can make a request for a goat, it doesn’t have to be a farmer, and there are no restrictions on numbers.”

The goats were originally brought to the island two decades ago by a farmer. They were later released in the wild under unknown circumstances and have been thriving. Initially, they lived in the area of island’s dormant volcano and didn’t pose trouble to the human residents. However, their increased numbers change that and they might have to find a new home.