Video of Two Golden Retrievers Unable to Solve Chair Obstacles Cracks Ups TikTok Users

Golden retrievers are considered among the most intelligent dog breeds and excellent problem solvers. But luckily for TikTok user Noah Chappie Elias, getting past a simple chair obstacle still remains a mystery for these puppers.

Elias recently shared a video on TikTok that shows his simple solution for keeping his two golden retrievers out of the room while he cleans it. He simply blocked the entrance with two chairs, leaving the dogs confused.

The cheerful duo spent quite some time staring at the chairs and trying a few ways to beat the obstacle but found little success.

The clip became a huge hit on social media, receiving six million views since being posted earlier in January. TikTok users were absolutely cracked up by the golden retriever duo and how puzzled they were by the chairs.

 “Dog on the left is the hype man,” @greengoblxn wrote in the comments section.

One user suggested that while the chair obstacle works on golden retrievers, it might not be fitting for other breeds.

“I love how gentle they are. My German shepherd plows through my roadblocks. Even my bike she bulldozed down when I tried to block a door way with it,” @nevaxahmed concluded.