Watch as “Sassy” Bird Enters the Glassware Cupboard and Starts Dancing

TikTok user Tamia Overes recently tried to record a video for her followers but didn’t get too far because her pet bird, Prince, had other ideas. The bird decided to make it all about her, entering the glassware cupboard and performing a dancing routine surrounded by glasses and other breakable items.

While Prince might have spoiled her owner’s original idea, her actions resulted in a much more entertaining clip that was viewed close to 15 million times.

In the video, Overes can be seen talking to the camera and opening a cupboard. As soon as the cupboard doors are opened, Prince flies in and nestles between the glassware.


I was trying to film a video but prince had something else in mind #princethebird #funnyanimals #funnybirds #crazypets #forbiddencupboard #birdtok

♬ original sound – Tamia

Overes tries to convince the bird to get out, but Prince isn’t in the mood to listen. Instead, she starts with “sass singing” while knocking on the glasses with her beak. The bird then knocks a few glasses before showing off some slick dance moves.

After avoiding getting caught several times, Prince finally gets cornered and is presumably forced to vacate the glassware cupboard.

As it turns out, this isn’t the first time that Prince invaded the glassware cupboard. Apparently, the bird likes it so much that she is constantly trying to find ways to get in. Check out a few more videos of his glassware cupboard adventures below.