Viral Video Shows That Dog and Cat Friendships Are Possible

Dogs and cats are natural foes and can never get along. That is what we have heard our entire lives. But is it really so? Because there is a lot of proof showing otherwise. Just check out this recent viral video shared by TikTok user @talesofthreetails.

The clip, which quickly spread on social media, shows a compilation of a sweet moment between three dogs—a German shepherd and two golden retrievers—and a kitten from the neighborhood.

According to the video, the kitten kept visiting the poster’s house every day, so they decided to introduce her to their three dogs. To their surprise, the dogs and the cat quickly became best buddies. They exchange cuddles, massages, sniffs, and occasionally even take a nap together.

“My dogs are living proof friendship between cats and dogs exist,” @talesofthreetails shared in the caption of the video.

It is safe to say that the clip melted the hearts of TikTok users, who didn’t hesitate to share their reactions in the comments section.

“It’s so cute when different animals love each other,” one user commented.

“She’s so happy and loved she should move in with the pack permanently,” another added.