Watch an Adorable Dachshund Trying to Fit a Giant Stuffed Elephant Into His Small Bed

Image via Brunoandbob7/TikTok

What dachshunds lack in size, they make up with their courageousness and persistence. A recent viral video posted on TikTok is an excellent example of that.

The clip shows an adorable dachshund named Bob tackling a giant stuffed elephant and trying to fit it into his small bed. The dog was so keen on having a snuggle buddy that the size didn’t stop him from accomplishing his goal. He bites the toy elephant on the ear, drags it across the floor, and tries various positions before finding the right fit.  

Social media users were impressed by Bob’s determination and rushed to the comments section of the clip to show how they felt.

“lol that’s awesome,” one user wrote.

“The sheer determination of a Dacshund,” another added.

Replying to one comment, Bob’s owner revealed that the family won the giant stuffed elephant at a fair. It quickly became the dachshund’s favorite toy, and they now seem inseparable.

Dachshunds are known for having a bold personality and not backing from any challenge. Their slim body isn’t stopping them from taking a stand against even bigger animals. This, alongside their loyal nature, makes them natural companions of humans and great watchdogs.