Crossed-Eyed Belarus the Cat is Perfectly Imperfect

Our pets don’t have to look perfect for us to love them, and Belarus the Cat is a case in point. This crossed-eyed kitty became a true internet sensation after Rachel Krall welcomed him into her home, and 400,000 people now follow Belarus’ shenanigans on Instagram.

Krall decided to adopt Belarus after stumbling upon his photo on San Francisco Animal Care & Control’s page on Facebook. Their post generated over 500,000 hits, so Krall had to face some tough competition, but things eventually worked out for the best and she was allowed to take him home.

They formed an instant connection, even though Belarus was much shier in the beginning. His crossed-eyed look made him even more charming, and it’s not a cause for concern.

“We’ve talked to a few vets, and they said it’s called strabismus, which is caused by the muscles on the different sides of the eye being a slightly different tension. But they said that he seems to see fine – and they’re not sure if it’s genetic or from an old injury,” Krall told The Morning Show.

Krall decided to use Belarus’ platform for good, and they joined forces with many local shelters over the years, raising thousands of dollars for charity.