Watch an Adorable Hard-working Mouse Secretly Clean a Man’s Tool Shed

A while ago, 72-year-old pensioner Stephen Mckears from Britain started noticing that scattered nuts, bolts, and clips in his tool shed mysteriously get put back where they belong overnight. After beginning to question his own sanity, Mckears decided to do an experiment and get to the bottom of this intriguing occurrence.

“One day I emptied the tub out and spread the contents on the side – and the next day they were all back in again. I thought I was going mad,” Mckears told The Sun.

“I didn’t know what it was at first. The kids were saying it was a ghost,” he added.

He decided to scatter around some screws, nuts, and bolts and install a hidden camera to see who is actually responsible for the mysterious events in his shed. As it turned out, it wasn’t a ghost who was cleaning the place up.

The camera captured an adorable hard-working mouse that was trying to lift pieces almost twice bigger than him and putting them back into the box.

As it turned out, this small mouse was doing his cleanup work each night and would spend around two hours, before getting a deserved rest. The best of all is that the clever rodent continued to do this even after he was caught on camera.

“It is an amazing mouse. It’s still doing it now,” Mckears said.

Check out the video below.