Watch as Lovebird Kicks a Rubber Ducky Out of His Owner’s Hand in an Act of Jealousy

Lovebirds are affectionate birds who are known for their loyalty to their partner or owner. And they expect the same loyalty to be afforded to them. Otherwise, they can get quite jealous.

In a recent viral video shared by Instagram user bettyco_san, a person can be seen petting a small rubber ducky. All of a sudden, a lovebird flies down, approaches the rubber ducky, and kicks it out of its owner’s hands. With the intruder out of the way, the bird then starts demanding pets of itself.

“Jealous parrot,” it says in the caption of the video.

The clip received 3.5 million likes, with Instagram users being amused by lovebird’s jealousy.

“This was really cool. I had no idea birds were able to show this kind of affection. Really neat,” one user wrote in the comments section.

“So adorable. However, it seems the lil bird will destroy like pecking and tearing it all off the yellow duck sometime soon,” another added.

As it turns out, this isn’t the first time that lovebird and rubber ducky meet face to face. There are several other videos documenting their encounter, and the result is always the same.