Watch Group of Wild Deer Attack Inflatable Reindeers in Front of a Woman’s House

Texas resident Brooke Miller decided to decorate her front lawn with some inflatable decorations, including Santa Clause and his reindeer for the Christmas season. Little did she know that a group of wild deer won’t be so appreciative of them.

After putting up the decorations, Miller noticed something strange was happening. She would wake up in the morning to discover that the inflatable reindeer were out of place, but she couldn’t figure out who was hating on her decorations.

The mystery continued until her neighborhood managed to capture the culprits on the video. It turned out that local deer had beef with the inflatables and were attacking them on a daily basis.

Instead of getting mad, Miller found it quite amusing. She ended up sharing the video on her TikTok profile, with the clip receiving 6.4 million views and counting.

Other TikTok users shared some theories about why the deer were attacking Miller’s decorations, with the most popular being that they were simply defending their territory. But Miller thinks they are just having fun.

“We can’t decide if they’re pissed off or playing,” Miller told The Dodo. “The optimist in me leans toward playing.”

Miller later posted an update, showing that despite the incident, the inflatable reindeer are unharmed.