When Do Kitten’s Eyes Change Color?

Kittens are born with blue eyes that change color over time. When does this happen?

If you look at your cat’s eyes, it’s unlikely you’ll see that they are blue. Cats’ eyes colors range from green and gold/yellow to orange, copper and brown. The thing is, cat’s eyes don’t actually change color; they get color over time, and when they are just born, what you see as blue is a lack of color combined with light refraction.

As you probably know, kittens are born with closed eyes. They keep developing for another week or two – it varies between cats. Even when their eyes start opening, it doesn’t mean they are able to see. It takes another 3-4 weeks for that.

During this period, your kitten’s eyes will appear to be blue and they will start changing color by week 6 or 7.