Woman Built a Doggy Train to Take Disabled Rescue Dogs Can on Adventures

Because of their disabilities, some dogs are unable to run around and enjoy the outdoors like their healthy counterparts. Fortunately, there are animal activists like Buket Ozgunlu from Turkey who are looking to change that.

Ozgunlu is the founder of non-profit Association of Paws Holding to Life, which mainly cares about rescued disabled dogs. She recently decided to build a doggy train so she can take these dogs on adventures and show them the world.

In order to build the train, Ozgunlu made a hole in plastic barrels and then attached them to an ATV as wagons. Each wagon fits one canine passenger.

Ozunglu shared several videos that show the doggy train in action and they quickly spread through social media and went viral.

In a chat with Anadolu Agency, Ozgunlu said that she was inspired to build a train after seeing animal activists in another country do the same.

“If they can do it, why can’t we?” she shared. “I noticed that such outings are very beneficial for them. That’s why I take them out six by six every week.”

According to Ozgunlu, she and her team are currently working on improving their train idea in order to make the experience even better for the dogs.