Adorable Newfoundland Pupper Cocoa Enjoys Resting on a Kitchen Counter

We usually don’t consider dogs to be good and willing climbers. Sure, they will climb over some obstacles here and there, but they prefer to keep their paws on the ground. Well, it appears that no one told this to an adorable Newfoundland pupper name Cocoa.

Cocoa, who resides in Indiana with his owner, absolutely loves to climb on elevated surfaces and remain there. Cocoa’s Instagram profile, which she shares with her sibling Ollie, is full of videos showing the pupper resting on a kitchen counter.

If you are wondering how Cocoa manages to reach the kitchen counter, there is a clip showing that as well. As it turns out, the doggo came up with a genius method that allows her to climb in no time. She first gets on the barstool and then just crosses to the counter. After taking a glance at her surroundings from a new perspective, she lays down and simply enjoys her favorite resting spot.

According to her owner, the dog simply likes being in high places. 

“I think she likes to be up high. She’s at eye level with us and we’re like right in her face and she’s in ours,” Cocoa’s owner told The Dodo in a recent interview.