Artist Draws Map of the World Inhabited by 1,642 Wild Animals

Artist Anton Thomas recently presented a unique map of the world that you won’t find anywhere else. His “Wild World” map consists of 1,642 wild animals represented in their natural habitats.

Thomas started his project three years ago and finished it this past July after countless hours of meticulous work. Every part of the “Wild World” is drawn by hand with colored pencils and pens and doesn’t feature traditional borders and markings. 

“I’ve imagined Wild World since childhood,” Thomas explains on his website. “I remember watching nature documentaries, awed by the evocation of nature–inspired to care. I loved this view of Earth, and wondered if a map could evoke such feelings. A world map free of humans, borders and cities, instead highlighting the wilderness all around us.”

According to Thomas, his map only showcases wild animals that exist today, with a goal to show “a world that still exists; a world that can still be cherished and protected.” He also made sure to keep it as accurate as possible in a geographical sense, estimating that a third of the time he spent working on the map was invested in research.

The artist is currently offering prints of the map through his website. Animal lovers can also check it out thanks to Thomas’ social media posts and get insight into his creative process.