Dog Raids Cereal Cabinet, Gets Cereal Stuck on His Fur

We already know that dogs don’t think twice before doing something. While that makes life fun for them, it can also cause them more than a few troubles and give us more than a few headaches.

One dog owner recently shared a “sticky” situation that her dog got itself into in a video posted on TikTok profile @thethreeamigosandme. The clip shows an adorable pupper that managed to cover its entire fur with cereals.

As it turns out, while the dog owner was out, her dogs managed to open the cereal cabinet and tackle several boxes of cereal. They scattered the cereal all around the house, and one of them, a pup named Crumpet, decided it was a good idea to roll in them.

With cereal being stuck all over Crumpet’s fur, the dog owner had to take him to a groomer, who gave him a complete makeover.

“Who swapped my dog!!!” the owner wrote in the video.

The clip got 2.4 million views since being posted a couple of days ago while also receiving 3.6K comments.

“How she’s still licking the sugar puffs off of her nose. Not wasting any!” one TikToker noticed.

Crumpet’s owner later shared in the comments that the incident didn’t cause any trouble for the dog and that he’s completely fine.